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RISC-V FreeStart

FreeStart with Free RISC!

Commercial-Grade RISC-V CPU with Zero License Fee!

What is RISC-V FreeStart ?


RISC-V is finding rapid adoption and creating high demand, especially in MCU level applications. Designers are seeking a small, efficient, and commercial-grade RISC-V core to construct their creative SoCs. The RISC-V FreeStart program provides them an easy and fast way to obtain a RISC-V CPU core. AndesCore™ N22 is an entry-level, ultra-compact, low-power and performance-efficient RISC-V CPU IP. It delivers the highest 3.95 Coremark/MHz in its class, and offers rich configurable features. N22 comes with ZERO license fee and reasonable royalty for commercial use; so one can start designing a RISC-V based SoC without committing budget on CPU IP. N22 is also supported by a comprehensive software development environment AndeSight™ IDE, available for free download. To help you speed up your SoC design, we offer an optional Support Package, which includes technical service and an AHB platform.

What is AndesCore™ N22 ?

  • 2-stage pipeline
  • RISC-V RV32 IMAC/EAMC extensions
  • Instruction cache and local memory
  • Vector interrupt controller 
  • Debug module (debug spec 0.13)
  • More details

Why join RISC-V FreeStart ?

  • A fast and easy way to have a small, efficient, and commercial-grade RISC-V CPU core to jumpstart SoC/FPGA designs
  • Zero upfront license fee; reasonable royalty for mass production
  • Supported by feature-rich AndeSight IDE and sample projects
  • Additional resources from the open RISC-V ecosystem
  • Option for Andes Support Package if required (at additional cost)

Who should join RISC-V FreeStart ?

  • MCU designers who want a low-power and high performance RISC-V core for MCU-level products
  • RISC-V enthusiasts who want a RISC-V CPU core for experimental projects
  • Universities or research institutes with RISC-V projects