FreeStart Mass-production Program (FSMP)

    • Suitable for industry and academia mass production
    • Free download of fully-configurable N22 RTL after program enrollment  
    • You will be contacted for agreement signature
    • No upfront License fee; only running royalty when mass-production 
    • Optional Support Package
    • Each qualified applicant can use FSMP only once

FreeStart Evaluation Program (FSEP)

    • Suitable for all RISC-V enthusiasts, academia and researchers
    • Free download of fixed-configuration RTL, fully-configurable crippled RTL and encrypted RTL for N22 as well as AndeSight™ IDE with a 6-month license
      • Fixed-Configuration N22 supports
        • RV32EMAC
        • Small Multiplier
        • Machine mode
        • 1MB Instruction and Data Local Memory
        • 32 interrupts/4 priorities
        • Debug module
    • Click-through evaluation agreement
    • Optional Support Package
    • Evaluation is easy and simple!
  • Crippled RTL can be synthesized to get representative area and frequency information; but it is inserted with bugs intentionally, and thus cannot run simulation properly
  • Encrypted RTL can be used for RTL simulation, but not for synthesis